Jennifer Conley and the Dreaded "About Me" Section

My journey into video games started when my dad first brought home a computer from work and showed me how to play Solitare. My mind was blown that the computer could shuffle cards without hands. 

Fast forward a bit and StarCraft enters my life. I would stay up hours past my bedtime building Protoss armies to annihilate my opponents. Not long after, World of Warcraft became my gaming focal point. Many of the people I met through WoW are still prominent people in my life; including my fiance. 

I enrolled in Full Sail University's Computer Animation degree where I graduated as the Advanced Achiever of my class. I taught at the university for roughly four years before my life drastically changed. On April 4, 2016, my mother died and my world shattered. After her death, I became a dialysis technician, providing life-saving treatments to patients with kidney failure.
While being a dialysis technician has been fulfilling in ways I never thought I would experience, there is a very large part of my inner self who misses the work I used to do. This marks my return to nerdom and geekiness. This marks my return to being a badass setup artist and helping to bring creations to life.